Some Facts about Hemp

Hemp is from cannabis plant. The stem of the plant is the part that's used for making hemp. Its leaves are often used for marijuana. Hemp on its own won't be able to make anyone turn high. Hemp has multiple uses which run across many industries. These include the industries on paper, clothing, fuel, food items, auto industry, and others. Read more great facts on  pure vape pens, click here. 

Hemp is known to grow well in the outdoors without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Cotton however is in need of many agricultural chemicals for it to thrive, and it also uses many pesticides in the world. Hemp has a deep rooting system which helps in getting rid of toxins and aerating the soil which helps a lot of future crops. For more useful reference regarding  cbd vape oil, have a peek here. 

Not like cotton, hemp has longer fibers and they are stronger and more insulative and absorbent. To put it simply, hemp can make any person feel cooler during summer and warmer during winter compared to cotton.

Hemp clothing is also likely to fade compared to cotton, and this can be made into different varieties of fabrics which include linen. Hemp fabrics are known for being sturdy, soft, and for blocking the UV rays well.

Hemp is also used commonly in the auto industry as a fiberglass substitute. Hemp is cheaper and it is also more biodegradable which means it is a major step for any industry that uses it to being conscious of the environment. It is also known for having a high potential to become a biodegradable plastic which means that it's a great improvement over the technology that exists today.

Large car manufacturing companies like Ford, BMW, and Mercedes Benz have replaced their fiberglass which is more expensive and dangerous with hemp. Hemp produces around 3 to 8 tons of fiber every acre. This is about four times the amount that comes out of the average forest. Because of the long fibers of hemp, it can be easily made into construction materials that can be strong and light such as beams, posts, studs, and also fiberboard. This means a huge help in saving forests, watersheds, and recreational areas. Hemp can make good support structures for housing and also as flooring, roofing, paneling, plywood, and even reinforced concrete. It can be said that everything that a house structure needs can be provided by hemp.

Paper that comes from hemp is of high quality and it doesn't yellow as it ages. Please view this site for further details.